Injured in an Auto Accident?

auto injuries are commonly helped by seeing a chiropractor

A whiplash injury takes place whenever the body reacts to either an acceleration or deceleration of force by hyperextension or hyperflexion of the neck. Here at Riverstone Chiropractic and Wellness in Minneapolis we specialize in treating bicycle accident injuries, auto accident injuries and whiplash injuries. Whiplash injuries are a common occurrence in auto accidents. In part, whiplash injuries take place due to the muscles not having sufficient time to brace themselves.

You need to take whiplash injuries very seriously if you have been in an auto accident. Since whiplash injury symptoms can take weeks or sometimes even months to manifest themselves, you can sometimes be easily fooled into thinking you haven't been as seriously injured as you actually are. Whiplash and car accident injury symptoms may include anything ranging from jaw pain, headaches, lower back pain, hand pain, wrist pain, elbow pain or pain radiating into the shoulder.

Whiplash in Minneapolis

There are a number of different ways that whiplash injuries may manifest themselves, including low back pain, shoulder and upper back pain, fatigue, headaches and neck pain. It taken often take weeks or even months for injuries to become evident and have a delayed onset due to all of the many factors that comes into play as part of overall whiplash trauma, including speed of vehicles involved, direction of impact in addition to physical condition, age and sex.

The following are some of more common conditions that victims of whiplash trauma experience:

Neck pain

The most common complaint that our patients have who have suffered whiplash trauma is neck pain. The pain frequently radiates over the shoulders, then into the head and down in between the shoulder blades. All of the tissues inside the neck tend to be affected by whiplash injuries, including the discs and facet joints between the vertebrae, in addition to all of the nerves, ligaments and muscles. Make sure you take the time to get treated by us or a chiropractor close to you!

Another thing that commonly causes neck pain, and chronic pain in particular, is disc injury. During a whiplash trauma, the disc's outer wall might be torn.


The second most common complain among those who suffer from whiplash injury, following neck pain, are headaches. Although some headaches are due to direct brain injury, a majority of them are related to injuries to the facet joints, ligaments and muscles of the cervical spine, which are related to head pain.

TMJ Pain

A very debilitating but less common disorder resulting from whiplash, is TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). Usually TMJ starts out as pain in addition to popping and clicking noises inside the jaw during movement. At Riverstone Chiropractic and Wellness our Minneapolis chiropractors have been specially trained for treating TMJ problems. If we believe you are in need of additional care, then we will refer you to an outside TMJ specialist.

Lower Back Pain

A majority of individuals consider whiplash to be a neck injury. However, the lower back is commonly injured also. Low back pain, in fact, is found in over half of rear-impact collisions and nearly three-quarters of side-impact crashes where this injury is reported. This is mainly because the low back experiences a great deal of compression during these collisions.

How To Heal From Whiplash Injury

Many milder types of whiplash injuries will heal, with proper care, within six to nine months. Injuries from whiplash are a unique condition that requires expertise from a skilled health professional who has been specially trained to treat these kinds of injuries. A combination of rehabilitating the soft tissues and Minneapolis chiropractic care is the most effective whiplash injury treatment.

Chiropractic Care

Manually manipulating the spine is used by chiropractic care to restore the normal position and movement of the spinal vertebrae. This is the single-most effective treatment by far to minimize the long-term impact that whiplash injuries can have, particularly when combined with exercise rehabilitation, trigger point therapy, massage therapy and other types of soft tissue rehabilitation modalities practice by Riverstone Chiropractic and Wellness Minneapolis chiropractors.

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