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Chiropractic Minneapolis MN Kyle SchneiderDoctor Kyle Thomas Schneider is a Minneapolis Chiropractor & Health Enthusiast. Doctor Schneider obtained his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and Bachelors of Science in Human Biology from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Dr. Schneider has extensive post-graduate training in diagnosing & treating sports injuries, whiplash injuries, migraines, and other spinal injuries. Dr. Schneider utilizes the latest technology to help diagnose these injuries & is the only office in Minneapolis to have a Digital Motion X-ray machine. Dr. Schneider utilizes the latest treatment options for your specific injuries which may include decompression therapy, flexion distraction, many different forms of chiropractic adjusting, and manual muscle work. In addition Dr. Schneider has close relationships with many of the best providers in the area and can refer you to other specialists if required.

“My passion in life is improving the health of the people around me and in the community I serve. My methods for improving the health of the community are based on the philosophy of chiropractic medicine through the removal of physical, chemical or emotional stress and give the body the opportunity to heal itself. The human body is incredibly intelligent and it’s able to adapt to nearly any circumstance and endure a great deal of stress. However, sometimes this stress can be too great and the signals clues of dysfunction which manifest as symptoms of pain, discomfort or disease. My treatment methods consist of listening to each individual and identifying the symptoms to determine is the reason for pain. I then treat the root-cause of the dysfunction so that the body can return to its natural state.”

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