Carpal Tunnel Pain?

chiropractic care helps patients with carpal tunnel syndrome

Are You Suffering From Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a kind of painful condition that takes place whenever the median nerve located in your wrist becomes compressed from swelling, which will often be from an underlying medical condition. This is one of the more common conditions that impact these nerves. There used to be very few options available to deal with this condition, and those that were available like medication and surgery, would be expensive and invasive.

Luckily, there are many chiropractors in Minneapolis today that are having great success in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome with an approach that is more gentle and conservative. When you are wondering if the wrist pain you have is from carpal tunnel syndrome and you would like to have more details on the alternative treatments available in Minneapolis, you are encouraged to read further.

Carpal Tunnel In Minneapolis

This is a condition that often comes from a burning sensation, tingling, swelling or pain in the palm of your hand that will extend through to the first three fingers and your thumb. Some patients will also report that they have a swelling feeling in their hand even if there is no noticeable swelling. Patients will experience weakness in the hand that is affected, having a difficulty when picking up smaller objects. This is the kind of condition that can have a lasting impact on lifestyle. In more severe cases that are left untreated, there could be damage to the median nerve that causes a permanent loss of hand movement.

Carpal Tunnel Cause

The pain that comes with carpal tunnel is the result of misalignment and swelling of the tissues and the bone, causing them to press on the nerve. Quite often, there will be an underlying issue. Some patients will have been through an injury, such as a break or stress to the wrist, which will cause the symptoms.

The more common cause will be related to their occupation, especially those that involve long term usage of instruments that vibrate or the repetitive use of the hands and the wrists. There may be other times when it seems as though the issue will come out of nowhere. Some metabolic disorders that involve the thyroid and pituitary gland will be a contributing factor to carpal tunnel syndrome that seems to come out of nowhere, right along with obesity and pregnancy. Carpal tunnel syndrome will develop in one or both of the wrists without a cause, which will be the result of nerve irritation that comes from the spine.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

In the past, carpal tunnel syndrome treatment was limited to surgery to decompress the area, physiotherapy, and the prescription of certain medications. Because these issues will usually fail to tackle the underlying cause of the problem, they may only give off short-term relief and may be ineffective with some patients. When it is left untreated, or when it is not treated successfully, the patient is forced to change up their lifestyles to accommodate this very debilitating issue, which may include needing help with everyday living basics or quitting their job or hobbies.

Luckily, people in and around Minneapolis are able to get long-term relief when they see a chiropractor for carpal tunnel treatment. At Riverstone Chiropractic and Wellness, we will show you how chiropractic medicine can help with a non-invasive alternative to the traditional treatments. Our staff will be happy to work with you to come up with a customized treatment plan to give you the results that you are looking for.

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